Making Rights Real: Clarifying human rights to local government officials

Have you ever wondered how to explain the human rights framework to the local government officials you work with? Local government is arguably the most important level of government for realising the human rights to water and sanitation: This is where national plans will be put into action and good, sustainable services for water and sanitation are built, run and maintained.

The new colourful three-piece guide for ‘Making Rights Real’ has been designed to clarify the usefulness of human rights thinking to local government officials.

Download the guide:

Download the instructions for use and the three-piece guide below, print them out and use them in your working relationship with local government officials in your country.

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These materials have been produced by WASH United, WaterAid, Institute for Sustainable Futures – University of Technology Sydney, End Water Poverty, UNICEF and RWSN, in partnership with C3. Financial support was provided by players of the People’s Postcode Lottery Foundation.
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