New publication: The human rights to water and sanitation in courts worldwide

The key aim of this new publication by WASH United and WaterLex is to share information about the legal enforcement of the human rights to water and sanitation.

This compilation of case law shows that judges are increasingly willing to apply the human rights to water and sanitation. In doing so, the judiciary may base judgments explicitly on the rights to water and/or sanitation. In other cases, judges arrive at the conclusion that other human rights are rendered meaningless without at least minimum levels of water and sanitation services. A progressive judiciary that is cognisant of the linkages between different human rights can give real impetus to the advancement of the full range of economic, social and cultural rights.

This publication is a useful tool for judges, lawyers and those advocating for these rights. It should prove essential for crafting legal complaints that better ensure accountability for violations of the rights to water and sanitation and achieving effective remedies for those suffering such violations.

Click here to download the publication.

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