International policy and conferences

This section highlights some of the policy issues surrounding inequities in access to water. It illustrates the development of political commitments towards ensuring access to water and sanitation for all.

2009 Fifth World Water Forum, Istanbul, Turkey

2006 Fourth World Water Forum, Mexico

2003 Third World Water Forum, Kyoto, Japan

2002 World Summit on Sustainable Development, Rio + 10, Johannesburg, South Africa

2001 New Partnerships for African Development, NEPAD framework document

2001 International Conference on Fresh Water, Bonn, Germany

2000 The Second World Water Forum, Ministerial Conference on Water Security in the Twenty-First Century, The Hague, Netherlands

2000 Millennium Summit, New York, USA

1997 The First World Water Forum, Marrakesh, Morocco

1995 Fourth World Conference on Women, Beijing, China

1995 World Summit for Social Development, Copenhagen, Denmark

1992 International Conference on Water and the Environment, Dublin, Ireland

1990 World Summit for Children

1990 The Global Consultation on Safe Water and Sanitation

1977 United Nations Water Conference, Mar del Plata, Argentina

1972 The UN Conference on Human Environment, Sweden