Kamila Ferreira, survivor of 30 years in prostitution: “Spain is the European Thailand made up”.

Kamila Ferreira left Brazil with the illusion of working as a “nanny”, she was told, and ended up 30 years prostituted in clubs and houses in Chile, Mexico and then in Spain, in Valencia and Alicante. A miracle took her off the streets and now she lives free, studies, has a work contract and is writing a book to tell her story: that “Spain is the European Thailand made up”.

She asks that we do not remember these women who continue to be trafficked around the world only on days like this, when we celebrate the International Day against Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking.

Kamila Ferreira, prostituted for 30 years and member of Las Independientes: “She was sold when she was 14 years old and from Brazil, to Chile, to Mexico and to Valencia”.

A day in which we talked with the victims and with those who work to recover these women who manage to escape from a life surrounded by abuse and mistreatment.

In the province of Alicante alone there are 74 brothels, which makes the Alicante regions of Marina Alta and Vega Baja authentic “sex routes”.

In addition, tolerance towards prostitution of Simple Escorts Lima is significantly higher in our province: 53%, compared to the regional average of 39%, according to studies of the UMH and the UA commissioned by the Conselleria that were presented yesterday, and have studied the incidence of prostitution in the province.

To this must be added the high concentration of Internet ads of apartments where prostitution is practiced that are located in the urban centers of Benidorm and Alicante capital.

Kamila was prostituted there for more than a year, after ten years previously in Valencia, where she suffered all kinds of abuses, after-effects produced during the 30 years she was “in the prostitution system”, as she herself describes it, and with which she lives now that she is a liberated woman.

Kamila Ferreira, prostituted for 30 years and member of Las Independientes: “My older brother was very first aggressor”.

In her particular calendar she has marked October 26, 2019. The day a neighbor in the neighborhood took an interest in her when she saw her crying on the sidewalk and paid her pimp the money he asked for to let her go. Now this neighbor is her woman friend, she is studying, has a work contract, is a member of the radical feminist abolitionist association “Las Independentes” and is writing a book to raise awareness among other women in her situation that another life is possible.

A new life offered to them in centers such as the “New Beginnings” Shelter, the only one of its kind in the province for the last two years, which houses 24 women victims of trafficking and 9 minors. Their work is complemented by a mobile unit that this year has assisted 160 women. Immigrant women “who arrive broken”, says its director, Agustina Canales, and who are offered comprehensive care: from health, educational and legal assistance to psychological care, which is so important for them.

Agustina Canales, director of Casa de Acogida “Nuevos comienzos”: “Since January we have attended 160 women and there is a need to get out of that environment”.

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